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国拍自产亚洲   学写作,最最有效的方式就是把实际的作文拿出来,找讲写作好的老师给你一句一句的批改并讲解。今天小编给大家分享几篇优秀的高分呢英语作文,让我们一起来欣赏一下吧!


  But one day, after we got home from the kindergarten, my mother went into the bedroom and stayed in bed. I didn't know what had happened. I sat beside her and wanted to cry. My mother said to me, "It doesn't matter, mum has only a stomachache. I will be all right after a while." Although mother said so, I found tears in her eyes because of pain. At that time I knew adults also got ill and cried. I decided I would take care of my mother from then on.

  Like many children, I had a happy childhood under the care and love of my parents. My mother took me to the kindergarten and home every day. thought mother was so kind and healthy that she would never get sick.

  But one day, my father went to the kindergarten to get me back. I asked, "Why doesn't my mother come?""She is sick, and she is in hospital. "said Father. I felt sad and frightened. Then I began to cry. "Don't cry or mother would worry. You should be a good child." I seemed to understand my mother was too tired. I made up my mind I would look after my mother from then on.


国拍自产亚洲   但是有一天,我们从幼儿园回来后,妈妈进屋就躺在了床上。我禾知道发生什么了,坐在她旁边想哭。妈妈对我说:“没关系,妈妈只是胃疼,一会就会好。”www.cooyu.net 虽然妈妈这么说,但我发现了她疼得眼中含着眼泪。那个时候我才知道大人也会生病,也会哭的。从那时起我决定要照顾妈妈。

国拍自产亚洲   像许多孩子一样,在父母的关心和呵护下我有一个快乐的童年。妈妈每天带我在幼儿园和家之间穿梭。我认为妈妈是那么和善、健康,永远不会生病。



国拍自产亚洲   In China, the students have to take part in many exams, they need to get the high mark, so that they can enter the better school and have more chances to get to the college. Chinese education pays special attention to the score, it occupies important position, it seems that score decides the students’ future. In my opinion, score doesn’t mean everything, the score just proves that the students is good at studying, but not including his ability of other things. I have a classmate, he is good at studying, every time when he takes the exam, he almost can get the full mark, but he is week in hand work. When the teacher asks us to make some art work, he always fails and even doesn’t want to finish it. High score doesn’t mean overall ability, we should pay more attention to the ability of life, it can make sure us to be a better man.



  Today, many young people are crazy about their idols. Many years ago, in order to see the idol, a girl made her father threaten the star, finally, the father dropped down the river and ended his life. It is such a horrible incident, the public criticizes the girl for her blindness in worshipping star. Many students even skip their class, just to see their idols in the airport. What’s more, they spend a lot of money to buy the products about their idols. The students don’t have money, they ask their parents to give the money, it is not right to do it. The young people should treat the stars in the right way, they need to figure what is right and wrong. If they follow their stars in the wrong way, they will ruin themselves. So people need to support their stars in the wise way.



国拍自产亚洲   Today’s weather very good,God deliberately arranged. This particular day,blue skies,the number of words Happy Mother‘s Day reverberated in the ears.

  From early in the morning,I mope,because it can not think of what gift to give mother. Later,I came up with in my opinion the best gift for mother. First to see Mother,I sang loudly: Mother,Mother‘s Day Happiness! The world is only a good mother,there is the mother of the child as-bao block. Singing,leaves itself a son and mother’s arms,dropped into the embrace of mother,and ultimately,happy … … Mother died in Iraq last year,with deep feeling with me,Staring at me,eyes full of love and caress. Looked thoughtful,I grew up my mother smile … …

国拍自产亚洲   Mother,in fact,you know,daughter wanted to tell you there is worth a thousand words,but there are also all into this beautiful melody,which Beat notes the go. Here not only has his daughter’s aspirations,more daughters are infinite gratitude to you,sincere love.

  People will have a total support of our total love for us there is a touching,heartbreaking. Ah! Mother,you like an umbrella,an umbrella unusual. Summer,for me keep off the sun,winter,let me escape the harsh wind and snow.

  If you love the sun,let you love your mother,because there is no ray of sunshine than the warmth of maternal love; If you love wind,let you love your mother,because there is no more than a gentle breeze gentle motherly love … … … If you love,please you love your mother,because all the world than maternal love everything tenacity,great,honest … …

国拍自产亚洲   今天的天气真好,是上帝刻意安排。这个特殊的日子里,晴空万里,多少句“母亲节快乐”回荡在耳边。


国拍自产亚洲   妈妈,其实您知道的,女儿有千言万语想要对您说,然而,也全部溶入到这美妙的旋律,跳动 的音符当中去了。这里不仅有女儿的心声,的是女儿对您无限的感激,真挚的爱。




  If you ask me something about my happiest time, I'll answer like this.

国拍自产亚洲   如果你问我什么时候最快乐,我会说这样回答。

国拍自产亚洲   I don't know exactly about my happiest time, because every day I'm living is the happiest time for me. I always keep a good mood. Every day I'm happy at work. When I'm at work, I always do my best, so my boss is satisfied with me. I get on well with my colleagues as well, since I'm always willing to help them. No wonder I have so many friends. That is to say, I am happy when I am working.

国拍自产亚洲   我不知道确切的最快乐的时光,因为我活着的每一天都是我最快乐的时光。我总是保持一个好心情。我每天都很快乐的工作。在我工作的时候,我总是努力做到,所以我的老板对我很满意。我和同事相处得很好,因为我总是愿意帮助他们。难怪我有很多的朋友。也就是说,当我工作的时候我很高兴。

国拍自产亚洲   What's more, my best friends Phillip and Oscar always speak English with me. Every time, they bring me a very big surprise. They help me a lot. Thanks to their help, my oral English is getting better and better. I don't know how to appreciate them. Keeping learning makes me happy, too.